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Top Best Bonsai Species You can have very many kinds of tree for bonsai, but some species seem to work best. That does not mean that you cannot experiment with the ones that are not mentioned in this article, feel free to explore! So, what trees are best to begin the much wanted bonsai experience? Read on to discover them and know the best placement as well as some other detail that are specific to the bonsai specie itself. 1. Juniper Juniper is a genus of the evergreen coniferous shrubs species. There are 50 genuses under this plant and all of them can suite as a bonsai choice. In fact, this tree does well that beginners will appreciate experimenting with it. “Juniper Procumbens Nana” tops the list because of its amazing look. It is also a…show more content…
Bodhi tree (Ficus Religiosa) Ficus Religiosa also known as the sacred fig, reason being, it is under this tree where the renowned Hindu religious leader “Butha” received his revelation. Some other names attached to it include Bo-tree and peepal tree. It grows very fast which makes it an excellent bonsai choice. Its shiny and attractive bronze color seen on the heart-shaped foliage is another thing that qualifies it to be a miniature tree choice. It is easily to trim and pinch. Positioning for Ficus Religiosa: this tree is better placed where there is plenty of sunlight, at least more than 6 hours a day. It is a tropical tree, so freezing temperatures can destroy it. Style: Informal upright, Cascade, Rock-over-root, Twin-trunk, Literati Formal upright, Banyan style and Broom 6. Boxwood Did you know that besides hedging you could develop an excellent bonsai from boxwood? Now you know! In fact, this is a good catch for bonsai beginners as well because it is a super adaptable plant. It is also easy to take care of, or important to say, the species of this particular genus do not stress in terms of maintenance, they are easy to

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