Susan B Anthony: The Fight For Women's Rights

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“Men, their rights, and nothing more; women, their rights, and nothing less.” A well known women’s rights activist, Susan B Anthony said this. The fight for women’s rights is one of the many memorable events and movements that have taken place in our history. The female gender was considered less than the male gender. They weren’t able to vote, own property,work with the same pay as men, and had several other issues with being taken seriously. Although, strong, courageous women emerged from the crowds and stood up for the women who couldn’t. Their hard work influenced each others, slowly building up and eventually given women the rights they deserved. Born in a Quaker family, activism was imbedded in Anthony’s blood. From very early in her…show more content…
The Revolution was a women’s rights newspaper written by Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton that was weekly published between January 8, 1868 and February, 1872. The goal of the paper was to bring more women to their side and to raise awareness. Stanton was the main writer, while Anthony was the publisher and business manager. Unique topics that weren’t common in newspapers at the time were discussed such as: domestic violence, divorce, and reproductive rights. An example is from an issue that spoke about infants being murdered before or after they are born. The paper stated, “The horrible developments published the other day respecting a notorious “boarding house” in this city, where mothers, married or unmarried, can be delivered of their offspring in the strictest confidence, and relieved of all the brothers of maternity, awaken serious reflection as to what ought to be done for the repression of the terrible social evil of which such establishments are at once the outgrowth and the promoters.” It was a very serious matter, so Anthony and Stanton brought awareness to it. Also, even though the paper never circulated over 3,000, it had a huge influence on the national woman’s rights movement. A result was that other worker class women were attracted to their side because the paper had columns that applied to them. Some of those columns were unionization and discrimination against female workers. The paper did help raise awareness, and as a result, brought more individuals to their side. The creation of the paper played a huge part in the women’s rights movement, and was also the result of a very successful
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