Dbq Essay On The Right To Vote

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The right to vote has been around for many generations, Since the late 1800’s the government worked to get individuals in the society the right to vote. Although in the beginning the right to vote was not for all, gradually voting rights became for all. In specifics, one group had to wait a certain while before they were allowed to vote. These groups of people were women and their fight for the rights was a long one. The right for woman to vote came in the year 1920 and was the 19th amendment. The push for women to have the right to vote came around the 1840s, although many people thought the whole idea was really extreme women had made up their minds that voting was the next step in their advancement in society and their advancement in gaining equality which around this time was not on the same level as the men in the world. Suffrage groups started to be established women like Susan b Anthony, Elizabeth canton and Lucy stone lead the late 1800. They…show more content…
The first step was completed but there was still more work to be done. African Americans suffragists worked extra hard to get a law were discrimination in voting didn't just stop at gender but went a step further and stopped the discrimination in race as well. African American women felt they were just as in important to society as any other person and they had to fight a hard fight to prove it. The 19th Amendment helped millions of women move closer to equality in all aspects of life. Women fought for job opportunities and fair wages,. After women were justified as equal people, they pushed to have women be elected as an official and women took advantage, pushing for laws that would allow them to have individual economic security. Women voted and eventually were allowed to run for office in the effort to better the government, economy and their own personal

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