Compare And Contrast Women's Rights Between 1865 And 1900

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There were many freedoms given to the people of America from 1865 to 1900. Only some groups of people were given full American rights. Those special groups were working class white men, blacks and women. White men were now getting used to the newly freed black people and blacks were just getting used to all of the new freedoms they were acquiring from being newly freed. Women were just starting to speak up to get the rights they deserved after petitioning for abolition. The freedoms of working class white men were not at all limited. They had the most freedoms out of every group in America. White men had all the freedoms and liberties the Founding Fathers intended Americans to have. They were able to vote, take part in the government, right…show more content…
Women in late 1860s to the 1870s had domestic jobs like watching the kids, making dinner for the family and cleaning the house. But some women were starting to stand up for their rights like Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Women like these two wanted suffrage for women but only for white women because they felt that white women deserved it more than other women. Some other women who believed in women's suffrage were Abby Kelly and Lucy Stone. They believed in universal suffrage because they believed that "reconstruction amendments represented steps in the direction of truly universal suffrage" . The difference of thoughts became two different women's suffrage groups, the National Women Suffrage Association led by Stanton and the American Women Suffrage Association led by Stone. The only problem was that reconstruction left the gender boundary intact. The Knights of Labor was one of the first labor groups to include women, men, blacks, and whites. In the 1890s, the "women's era" launched, this was 30 years of women enjoying more opportunities and they played bigger roles in public life. nearly 5 million women worked for wages during these 30

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