Susan B. Anthony's Suffrage Movement

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“ Heros get remembered, but legends never die.” Susan B. Anthony’s drive to help women vote, and attain the same rights for women as men, will live on as her legacy. Susan B. Anthony devoted her life towards the women's suffrage movement. Her accomplishments will be remembered for generations to come. Susan B. Anthony was born in Adams, Massachusetts. She was born a quaker, and was second oldest to eight brothers and sisters so at a young age she developed a strong moral character. As a quaker she believed that women should have the same rights and the same schooling as men. When she was old enough to work she worked as a teacher and made a lot less than the men that had her same job. While she was at a temperance movement in 1851 she wasn't allowed to speak because she was a women and thats when she realized that no one would take a women seriously until women had the right to vote. While at this movement she also meet Elizabeth Cady Stanton and they became lifelong friends and…show more content…
She fought for equal pay in jobs and coeducation between girls and boys. Susan B. Anthony along with Elizabeth Cady Stanton started the American Equal Rights Association, this Association was for equal rights for men and women no matter what sex or race. Susan was inspired to fight for the cause she believed in it. One time she tried to vote for the president but she got arrested and tried and had to pay a fine of $100 dollars just for voting. That fee was never paid. Susan B. Anthony was indefatigable in her attempt to win the vote for the 19th amendment, giving speeches around the United States. Her drive was simple, she believed in something way bigger than herself, she believed that women deserved the same rights as men, and rallied thousands of women and men to vote for the 19th amendment, the right for women to vote, or better knows as the Women's Suffrage

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