Support Facilitator

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The agency that I researched was COHMAR and they work with a variety of people of all ages with mental illness, addiction and intellectual disabilities. The goal of COHMAR is to support the individuals they work with in their journey toward a healthier and more independent lifestyle. The job that I found posted on their website that could fit the role of a recreational therapist is a support facilitator. The job description of a support facilitator is supervising as well as coordinating activities that provide support for adults with intellectual disabilities to aid in accomplishing daily living activities. The role that a support facilitator plays in a client’s overall treatment plan is providing personal support and managing their high and…show more content…
One of those fields is a support facilitator. This job would be an excellent opportunity for a recreational therapy because a lot of our skills translate very well here. When referring to the responsibilities a recreational therapist according to the NCTRC standards the responsibilities mirror the job description as a support facilitator. Using the NCTRC is a great way to justify your qualification for a job. As a support facilitator you are expected to constantly use evidence based practice for what service you are providing. As a recreational therapist we are always using evidence based practice to help ensure effectiveness of our interventions. Evidence based practice is one of our foundations to the career field and how we begin to develop a treatment plan that is centered on a client’s particular goal. When a recreational therapist is implementing a specific treatment plan we must always create and maintain a safe therapeutic environment for the client to ensure a higher success rate. While working as a support facilitator one of your main tasks are provide support for your client as well as focusing on their home life and ensuring that it is healthy and safe for them. This is an excellent example of how a recreational therapist can help by maintaining that safe environment and building a relationship. Another good area that a recreational therapist can excel under this job title as a support facilitator is the ability to adapt and utilize assistive technology to aid in reaching the goal that the client has
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