The Macrosystem: The Consequences Of Organ Trafficking And The Community

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a result of hearing this, she does not go to the doctor when she is sick or does not walk alone, for fear that something might happen to her. 4.4 The Macrosystem Lastly, the macrosystem, according to Visser (2012) consists out of the government policies, cultures and belief systems of a certain community, in which the individual has to function. In this Township it is hard for an individual to function around the government policies and culture that these people hold. in the UN protocol (as cited by Laura Gauer Bermudez, 2008) it states that, when a crime does not involve the recruitment and transport of persons, it will not fall under the definition of human trafficking. This makes it hard for the people to go to court with the “muti murders”, because it is not per se a trafficking of humans, but of body and organ parts.…show more content…
The community is influenced by growing criminal organizations and additional criminal activities including drug trafficking, money laundry, weapon trade and corruption (SANTAC, 2014). SANTAC (2014) also identifies a decrease in public confidence, which is the result of governmental difficulties, such as corruption and national security problems. Because of this influence that organ and body part has on the community, the people of this township have distrust in the public services e.g. the police, that are supposed to protect them. The people live in constant fear, that maybe today they will lose someone near to them or may themselves be a victim of these

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