Argumentative Essay On Gentrification

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There is an ongoing battle here in the United States of America, throughout the whole world for that matter and it is time to put a stop to it. Dating back to the third century, gentrification has always been a fight for the less fortunate individuals. Gentrification is the buying and renovating of houses and businesses in low-income, urban communities by upper-class individuals and companies, thus improving property values but displacing lower-income families already residing there. Not only is the displacement of these people living there an unfortunate result from gentrification but so are raised rent prices (keeping in mind these are low-income receiving individuals), indubitable social and economic marginalization being that the new-coming…show more content…
Some consequences that can and will arise are conflicts between the gentrifiers and the residents of the communities being gentrified, unaffordable housing, a loss of diversity being that the people moving in to these urban communities are affluent, non-minority based individuals and the one deemed most problematic: homelessness. The rate of homelessness will continue to rise through time if gentrification continues to take place because it is an unfortunate result from the raised rent prices and unlawful evictions. For example, in an article I found online titled, “Lack of Affordable Housing Fuels Brooklyn Homelessness,” I found out that there is a high rate of homelessness in Brooklyn, New York. It was showing that there is an estimated over 60,000 people homeless due to the borough being gentrified. It is unfathomable seeing that there is a blatant cause of homelessness here in the United States of America and the only thing being done about it is: ignoring it. It is being ignored only because the concern is making sure money is being

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