Black People Are Thieves Stereotypes Essay

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Have you ever been a victim of stereotypes? People make assumptions based off what you look like to see if you're a threat to them or their power and authority, these assumptions become stereotypes. The people who create stereotypes are ignorant to cultures to other than their own. People of different cultures are stereotyped everyday and it effects how they live. For example, a friend of mine (who is black) went into a convenience store to buy something and was followed around because, of the stereotyping that black people are thieves. The employee following her around the store was someone who trusted stereotypes to tell him “black people are thieves”. There are stereotypes that we can break down if we teach people about us and our cultures. People will be less resentful, more work would be done, and the world would be an over all more diverse place. “Where ignorance is our master, there is no possibility of real peace”(Dalai Lama). Ignorance sparks fear in people which creates a resentfulness that can be hard to overcome. Stereotypes are created with the purpose to make people fear or dislike another culture and this method has worked for a long time especially in our society. However, if we teach others about our cultures we can create a society that isn't based on hate but, has a foundation of knowledge of what makes…show more content…
When you deny a qualified person a job you run the risk of hiring a less qualified person. With the person who is less qualified it will take longer to get the job done to the correct standard. If you hired the more qualified person they would get more work done in less time but, still have it be to the highest standard. Stereotypes that prevent minorities from getting these jobs are doing nothing but, hurting businesses and the economy. The more work done the more profit earned and if your work looks good you get more clients which brings in even more

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