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Pro Line Analysis Luck, many things might run through a person’s head as they see or hear this word. Luck of the Irish, lucky seven, luck of the draw, and may other things. I have always been told that there are better chances of getting struck by lightning than winning the lottery. The lottery is a hit and miss, and 99 percent of the time it is a miss when you are dealing with big payouts. “The sun even shines on a dogs butt occasionally.” This was a quote that came from the south, I was told this from a young age from my father, meaning you are lucky once and a while but not all the time. This is very true in real world situations such as sports, the economy, work, and other various things that we do or partake in. As this ad is outdated I had to view it on YouTube. Pro Line is a commercial for a lottery and charitable gaming company that is based out of Ontario, Canada. This ad can target a wide range of viewers, from avid sports watchers to the gamblers. You can win no matter the odds, as the Pro Line commercial shows us in a fun way. They make their money on the lottery tickets by putting two sports teams up against…show more content…
Screaming his head off as the camera zooms in on him, he is holding a Pro Line ticket. That ends the football stage of the commercial, there is a turf background that appears and “Because anything can happen, anyone can win” flashes up on the screen. Pro Line slams on the turf background. As the commercial ends we hear the crazy fan scream again. This is showing that anyone can win, no matter the odds stacked against them. It is possible and the payouts can be bigger than expected. Like shown in the commercial, the guy was clearly the only one to put his odds in the opposing teams favor. Even though it was a fluke that the eagles lost due to the muscle relaxers, they still lost and that puts a damper in everyone who voted for

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