Budweiser Super Bowl Ad Analysis

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Every year two of the best NFL teams compete head to head for the famous Lombardi Trophy. These two teams are classified as the best, earning that title from simply competing in the Super Bowl. People do not realize what realize goes on behind the Super Bowl. Commercials are streamed during the Super Bowl, these commercials are set to appeal to viewers everywhere based on how funny the commercial is. Companies use this well-known Sunday to advertise their products to viewers around the world. During last year’s Super Bowl there were 71 commercials that were aired throughout the Super Bowl. Each one appealed to a certain audience, however, most of the commercials appealed to a male audience. For example T-Mobile had a commercial and hired Kim Kardashian to star…show more content…
The reason T-Mobile hired the attractive actress Kim Kardashian was to bring in male consumers. During the Super Bowl tons of commercials target a certain type of audience and these commercials bring in a substantially large number of consumers. Budweiser, one of the most popular beer brands in America has recently been on the decline. There is a new competitor stealing Budweiser’s customers and that competitor is craft beers. During the Super Bowl in 2015 Budweiser aired a commercial that had a dog running away from home to reunite with a horse the dog befriend on the farm. This commercial brought tears to viewers around the world who were watching the Super Bowl. However, this commercial was not the only one that Budweiser aired during the Super Bowl. There second advertisement is a few short clips thrown together with a caption that tells people only beer lovers will like their brand. In the commercial the words “It’s brewed for drinking. Not dissecting,” appear to try and win over young drinkers. The Wall Street Journal said that about 44 percent of drinkers between the ages of 21 and 27 never tried Budweiser. After Budweiser read the statistics of young drinkers who never

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