Summer Reading Should Not Be Banned

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“It was a pleasure to burn,” (Bradbury 1). It was at that moment did Dylan realize that he was about to face a long and confusing novel. He was even going to take a test on the book come September. Summer reading/homework is designed to help students keep their knowledge over the long, non-educative hours of summer. Teachers think that making children read in the summer helps them, but it does not, it does the opposite. It stresses kids out, takes time away from other things, and the book choices are usually boring. Thus, summer homework should not be given because it does not help students as much as they think. Students should not do summer reading since the books are not amusing for children. Usually, the books given are old classics, which might have deep meaning, but do not hold students' interest for long. Furthermore, it…show more content…
Parents don't stress the fact that what the students learn in school will be used later in life. They tell them if they get a, that's all that counts. Summer reading was first made to teach the students about something. But some students we're not learning , so teachers had to give students work to prove that they read the book, “...children and youth may complete assignments just to check them off the list, not really engaging with the ideas or learning new critical skills or knowledge”(Moje, 10). There is no point to summer reading if kids are going to forget what they learned right after they review it in school. Students might learn something in a book, but they will not apply it in real life,” I am simply recording my amazement that in an age when urban high schools use weapons detectors to check for handguns, educators still make kids read ‘The Red Badge of Courage’ “(Queenan 1). The author is saying that schools teach one thing, but they do another. Overall, summer reading is not worthwhile to kids because in this society, the grade is all that

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