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School has always been a struggle of mine. When someone would ask for my favorite subject I would typically say lunch, because every subject was a challenge. However, during lunch I could talk, teacher’s believed that was all I was good for. I would always be anxious for parent-teacher conferences because I already knew what they would tell my parents. The teachers would say, “Katie’s just a chatterbox”, “Katie is just a summer birthday”. Their belief of my decision to be lazy fed into my mind, because my teachers were always to oblivious to check and see if I truly had a learning disability. The insecurities of my learning started at a very young age, kindergarten, where I was placed at the lowest reading group. The kindergarten classroom…show more content…
I did not see a problem with this because at that moment, it never truly affected my life. No one expected me to read in preK, so I lived up to those expectations. I knew simple things, such as the alphabet, I just could not understand the concept of putting words together. This showed in kindergarten. The teacher expected us to be able to read things such as, “cat” or “dog”. I was completely lost, but at first, no one knew. Although I could not read, the people beside me could. Therefore, when the class would read things out loud I would simply mimic whatever the person said who was sitting beside me. Cheating almost worked, until the teacher had us go outside the classroom and quized us of our knowledge. I was mortified. This had been the first time in my entire life, that I was isolated from other people. I was catagorized of what I knew, and even though i did not know much, I understood that I was beneath other students in my class. Feeling as if I did not measure up to my fellow classmates negatively influenced me as a student, because I did not believe in…show more content…
After this dejected event, I stopped trying to understand my studies and I became an indolent student. The following years, I let my teacher’s negative words consume me, until the belief came which was I was exactly who my teachers said I was. I would groan when worksheets were passed out, and I would daydream during the lectures. In elementary school I was told that I was lazy and impossible. These harsh words only pushed my drive to not attempt the work in front of me. What made me the most despondent, was this was not the student I wanted to be. I wanted to venture my assignments, however, teachers would make such a substantial deal, when i attempted my studies. Therefore, not wanting attention drawn to myself, I easily hid at the back of the class unaware of what was going on. Kindergarten was the root of all of these negative occurrences. At this early age, is when I was unable to believe in myself which only hurt the next grades to

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