Personal Narrative: My First Experience With Anxiety

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There’s one issue that almost every teenager can relate to; it can cause your heart to beat out of your chest, and sometimes it can even make you want to give up and have a meltdown. Hundreds of assignments to write, tests to study for, along with dealing with impertinent “friends” and just trying to fit can result in major anxiety. This panic and suffering can ultimately take over your mind and reside there. For me, my first experience with anxiety was when I was only 7-years-old. I woke up in the middle of the night, sweating and breathing heavily. One would wonder what would make a young child so distressed, and the truth is that I have no idea why I was. I ran into my parent’s room and I poked at them to help me. They were annoyed because this happened most nights, and always for the same reason. I was worried that my agenda and my books would magically disappear from my backpack while it was dark. I would force them to come downstairs with me to check to see if they were still there, and…show more content…
I needed to find something that would occupy my mind and not let me think of all the things I was afraid of. I asked my entire family what they did to make themselves feel better, but they never had a clear-cut answer. Instead, I observed what they would do in their spare time. What I found out was that they would sit in their rooms, quietly wrapped up in a book without a care in the world. My sister had always tried to get me to read her books, but I always felt discouraged. I was a slow reader compared to my family, and I couldn't understand most of the big words and metaphors. I felt stupid in my own home, like I didn’t deserve to belong to my intelligent family. Nevertheless, I thought to myself that maybe since I was a bit older now, reading books could perhaps comfort my scattered brain. So I decided to give it a
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