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The Anti Wal-Mart- Wegmans: The secret sauce of this 79-store-supermarket chain is “people “.Latest consumer reports named wegmans - the best grocery store in America. On a 100-point scale, Wegmans scored 88 and Walmart Supercenter scored 67 on the 100-point scale. Wegmans is the customer service champion in supermarket category. This supermarket chain has shown that business by generously training its workforce to provide a delightful customer experience can profit considerably. From reasonable prices to great service, shoppers are crazy about Wegmans. Wegman, a 79-store-supermarket chain has cult-like loyalty among its customers. Wegmans, $6.2 billion-a-year, has operation in 79 stores in Pennsylvania, New York, and four other East Coast…show more content…
For most people shopping at wegmans is more of entertainment than an errand. The environment is like an enormous, impeccably merchandised open-air market, in stark contrast to the cold, white linoleum and fluorescent environment that has defined the industry for generations. Unlike in normal supermarkets no one is in hurry to move from aisle to aisle to get over with shopping as quickly as possible. Rather People move slowly, looking around as if they are in an art gallery. They relax at exotic tea bars, selecting numerous eat-in options or chef-prepared take home meals. Wegmans constantly innovates and experiments with “experiential" and unique features in store all focussing on excitement and newness, and along with customer convenience. Wegmans is always ahead of the curve by pioneering new ways of doing things. Wegmans was instrumental developing and implementing bar code practice sand standards and also among the first stores to use loyalty cards and electronic discounts. Wegmans reinvented grocery store design. Wegmans constantly is on lookout for ways to innovate and use technology. Wegmans uses technology from the shopping list or interactive feature on website to an iPhone application that helps organize shopping list aisle wise in the store. to enhance the customer

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