Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie Analysis

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Over the summer we had plenty of books to read for summer reading. I read two, but chose Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie by David Lumbar for my summer reading assignment. I noticed there were a lot of good morals in Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie. I think that this book would be an ideal book for high school because of its morals. People will say otherwise, and I have considered their advice. But, at the end I have noticed that there are more good reasons than bad reasons to read Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie in school. For high schoolers, Scott is a good example of how a high schooler should act. Scott is a hard worker and a person who doesn’t judge a book by it covers. I saw noticed how hard working Scott is when on page 271 Julia says, “Are you…show more content…
You got elected to student council. Everything, I look, there you are. I don’t know how you manage to fit it all in.” This show how hard working Scott is. He is not the type of person who lays back and lets the world go by. Scott is active and social in his school’s activities. This tells high schoolers that if you work hard in high school you will be rewarded than I you don’t work hard in high school. Also I have seen how Scott tries to friends with everyone and doesn’t be mean to people he doesn’t know. I saw this on top of page 170; it says, “Then, at lunch, who should perambulate across the cafeteria and drop down into the seat opposite me while I was masticating some macaroni and cheese? Yup. My new pal. Right in the seat that used to be Kyle’s. Wesley didn’t say a word. Just chewed slowly at his roast beef sandwich. The silence was driving me crazy. Finally I said, ‘You know, Westley’s the name of…show more content…
Yes, there is a childish ending. In the end of the book, Scott finds out that the girl, who he liked, liked him back. Then at the end he decides that Lee would be better to hang out with because of their interests, than to be with Julia just even though she, in Scott’s mind, is the hottest girl ever. We see this on page 273 when it says, “‘So who do you like dancing with better?’ she asked, resting her head against my shoulder. ‘That’s not the sort of question I’d expect from you,’ I said. ‘People change,’ she said. ‘Yeah. Everything changes. Flux is all around us.’ Who did I like dancing with better? I held her a bit closer. ‘No, contest, Lee.’” Yes this is a childish ending, but what if it wasn’t. If the ending was not a happy one, won’t it send the wrong message. It will tell the reader that if you work hard in school and try to be nice to others, your high school experience will feel terrible. So with the ending of Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie being happy, sends the message that if you work hard and be kind to everyone around you, you will be rewarded with success and a great high school experience. This encourages high schoolers to go by the morals in the book which, if followed, will lead to success in high

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