Character Analysis: Into The Wild By Jon Krakauer

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4. For someone who claimed to be a loner, why might Chris befriend so many people? Chris McCandless was not a loner by any meaning of the word. He flourished in environments where his intelligence was able to shine and sparkle and he earned many peoples' respect in that very fashion. This is extremely evident when Alex meets Westerberg's mother who "doesn't like a lot of my hired help"( Krakauer 67). However what happened was the exact opposite due to Alex's intuitive and personably personality "They hit it off immediately. The two of 'em talked nonstop for hours" (Krakauer 67). He was obviously a very charismatic person, not lacking at all in social skills. So Alex was a self-proclaimed “loner” because he chooses to live like that, he cared…show more content…
He had a restless spirit this whole life. Although he had a certain talent for sales, he was never seriously interested in spending his life being a normal, sedentary citizen with a career as a lawyer or businessman. He went through high school and college under his fathers control and I think that he never actually planned on going to law school. He just told his parents that to shut them up. If he had survived I believe he would have gone on to write a book, like he told Wayne he would. "‘I got the impression that this Alaska escapade was going to be his last big adventure,’ Westerberg offers, ‘and that he wanted to settle down some. He said he was going to write a book about his travels.’(Krakauer 66)" I think when he told Carine, his sister "I'm going to divorce them as my parents once and for all and never speak to either of those idiots again as long as I live. I'll be through with them once and for all, forever.(Krakauer 64)" he meant it. However, he loved his sister dearly and would have eventually reached out to her. She was more like their parents than he was, but her relationship to Chris was never harmed. He only cut her off because he cut off everyone in his life. They wouldn't have always been estranged, while Chris would never try to mend the severed tie with his biological

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