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With all the firefighter LODDs in the nation lately it has began to bring up a topic that had been around for a few years, when do we go in versus when do we not. It seems that in a few news releases pertaining to recent LODDs that the topic was touched on but left open without any real discussion. Firemen are known for being aggressive creatures. We are taught early in fire academys around the country that we go in. We vent, enter, search. Then we are educated on risk vs benefit. We are told if it's unoccupied don't enter, if it's overly involved don't enter, if it's lost too much structural integrity not to enter. I get it, we all want to go home to our families. Lt. Ray McCormack FDNY said it best in his "true values of a firefighter" speech. " Attempting to make the job safer by teaching you to place yourself above those in need is wrong and goes against everything the fire service has ever stood for." Lt. Ray McCormack…show more content…
The ones he's seen train and trained WITH are the firemen he leans on to complete a task w/o micromanagement. Going hands on at the station or your local forcible entry prop or drill tower shows that you not only know the outline of your job like the veins in the back of your hand but also comforts your brothers with the knowledge that you can handle your job. It also allows the leaders to know that each guy in his crew can and will perform top notch on scene. Firefighter knowledge and ability helps make leadership decisions easier when the scene is still chaotic. "If it was easy, someone else would've done it already. If firefighters stop taking risks when needed to save lives, the fire service faces "falling from public grace" and the "loss of our identity." Said Lt. McCormack Lt McCormack said the "constant barrage" of safety messages is undermining our "sworn

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