Medieval Torture Techniques

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During the Middle Ages, torturers used devices that were inhumane to man and they tortured and killed many of their captives the devices were used on. Some of the devices included the Breast Ripper, the Iron Chair, and the Guillotine. Most of the torture devices were made to kill the victim, but some were used to just cause extreme pain to the victim to get them to confess to something. Devices like the Dunking, the Head Crusher, and many other more painful devices were used to inflict pain in the effort to get confessions.. In the Middle Ages, criminals, thieves, religious figures, kings, tyrants, citizens, and witches were the victims of the awful torture devices (The 10 Most Gruesome Torture Techniques From Medieval Europe). In the Middle…show more content…
They even tortured women if they couldn’t produce a child. The torture for women was the breast ripper. It would attach to the women’s breast, and it would tear it off. It usually caused death, but some survived the torture. Some of the tortures against the citizens were just for fun and pleasure! They would often kidnapped people and try out new devices on the victims to see how much pain it inflicted, and to see if it brought death. Most victims would get the head crusher, which would slowly crush the head and jaw of the victim. It did cause death, but the victims often confessed before they even got their head into the device. Another torture used was called the Coffin torture. The victim would be placed in a coffin which had spikes on all of the sides of the coffin. The victim would stay in there for days and was publicly humiliated and mocked (The 10 Most Gruesome Torture Techniques). The results of the tortures were gruesome. Thousands of people died from the tortures and families were torn apart and changed forever. While thousands of people died from the torture, many people survived the tortures. Even though they survived, they were often mentally or physically disabled for the rest of their lives. They would often have brain damage and crippled bodies. They would be missing either feet, legs, arms, or hands. They would also have trouble

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