Scar Lessons

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Ouch! You just sliced your finger with a knife while cutting tomatoes for lunch and it's bleeding severely. You immediately run cold water over the cut and put pressure on it to stop the bleeding. The cut is deep enough that you think it will need stitches, so you reluctantly make your way to the hospital to sit in a room full of sick and contagious people for an hour or two so your wound can be attended to. You are finally escorted to a patient room where a doctor stitches your finger up. He says the injury was minor, however it's going to leave a scar. Everyone has a scar or two, but each one has its own story. The appearance of a scar on someone tends to be a part of their first impression of you. For example, I teach swim lessons at a…show more content…
Someone might bring up a specific subject to their new friend, such as his ex-girlfriend and he could have certain reaction. He may appear forlorn, sadness in his eyes, looking at the ground trying not to make eye contact, and avoiding the revelation of tears in his eyes. She may have moved away in order to attend the prestigious college she was accepted to. She may have left him for someone else. He may appear irate, with fire in his eyes. She could have been unfaithful to him throughout their entire relationship and he only discovered this upon their breakup. She could have made him suffer, and his old wounds that had since been stitched up long ago could have been reopened…show more content…
When they look at the scar, they can remember exactly how it happened. They can visualize what happened on the day that they received the scar-forming injury. Maybe they will remember if any of their other senses were being triggered at that time, if they remember the noises that were around them, or how the temperature felt that day. They also may remember how much pain they were in at the given moment of injury. They may remember what they were thinking at that moment. They could be thinking about how that pain could have been avoided, or how much it's going to hurt later. Thoughts could be going through their head that we could not even begin to conceptualize even if they tried to tell us what happened through their

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