Summary Of 'The Way I Used To Be' By Amber Smith

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Summary The story The Way I Used To Be, by Amber Smith, is about a teenage girl named Eden who is in her Freshman year of high school. The story starts during her winter break. Eden’s brother Caelin, has come home from college with his best friend Kevin. Kevin is almost like part of the family, they have known him since he was little. One night while Eden was sleeping in her bed, Kevin came into her room and raped her. He told her that if she were to say anything about it, he would kill her. Eden was in shock. The next morning she said nothing; she thought that nobody would believe her since they trusted Kevin so much. So she didn’t tell anyone for the next 3 years. This story tells of Eden’s journey of trying to overcome and forget about the traumatic events that happened that night. She tries to change herself into a new person, trying to forget the girl she used to be. Throughout the book Eden continues to overcome challenges that are being thrown at her during her four years in highschool. She goes from being known as a band geek, to being known as the school slut, and finally being hated by almost everyone. In her Senior year of high school, just when Eden thinks that she has hit rock bottom, Caelin comes home and tells the family…show more content…
It can show girls how badly rape can affect someone if they don’t speak up about what happened to them. And it also could show anyone how much pain they could put someone through if they were to sexually assault someone. Another thing that the book could show is, if you have been sexually assaulted, there are people that want to help you and there are people that love you. One more point that I have noticed is that the novel proves that sexual assault can happen to anyone. Eden is only 14 years old when she was raped. Nobody thinks that it could even happen to them, but it does and you should always trust your gut if you think something is wrong, or if something bad is going to

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