Food Desert Research Paper

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A food desert is a land area where people may not have access to affordable and healthy food options like fresh fruits and vegetables. Usually if a person does not live within one mile of a grocery store, it is considered a food desert (http://www.foodispower .org/food-deserts). The term food desert first became commonly used around 1995 when the government started noticing an issue with a lack of healthy foods in many areas throughout the country. They stated that people’s health was starting to decline and would only get worse. Today, it is a very popular term used and acknowledged by policy makers, citizens, and communities ( /PMC1123946/ ). Researchers have identified the main causes of food deserts…show more content…
One main idea is to try attracting more and new supermarkets or grocery stores to open up in food desert populated areas by giving them loans. The market would use these loans in order to be able to afford fresher, healthier foods. A portion of the loans would also be used for getting better quality, cheaper transportation (Dutko 3). For example, similar to what Atlanta is trying to have is making transportation deals with buses. Some places have in the United Sates like New Orleans has free shuttle for anyone whose purchase was fifty dollars or more at the grocery store (Burns…show more content…
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