Analysis Of Huckleberry Finn Chapter 25-31

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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn - Chapter 25-31 “I never see anything so disgusting.”(Twain 193) said Huckleberry Finn referring to the morality of the duke and the dauphin, two con-men. Morality is a major theme in the book, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Morality is a very prominent theme throughout the summaries of chapters 25 through 31. Huckleberry Finn has struggled with morality throughout the whole the book. In chapter 25, the duke and the dauphin meet the nieces of Peter Wilks, pretending to be his brothers, and are crying over the coffin making a big scene. Huck is disgusted by this, but the duke and dauphin are just trying to get money. They find it in the basement and they count it and its short of the promised $6,000.…show more content…
That is great because not many adults have correct morality and at 14 Huck does. In chapter 27, Huck is hiding the money he took from the duke and dauphin who took it from the Wilks. He is worrying because he doesn't know if they took it out of the coffin or if it is still in the coffin because the man seals the coffin and there is no going back. The dauphin says that they are taking the girls back to England, so they start to sell of their belongings. They ask Huck about the missing money and he blames it on the slaves. In chapter 28, Mary Jane is very sad about the slaves because they were being spilt up and they are sad. Huck tells her not to worry because they will be together soon enough and Mary Jane is curious. So Huck tells her what is going on. He tells her that the duke and dauphin were in really their uncles and how they wanted the money. Huck also tells her where the $6,00 is. He asks her not to say anything and to act normal when she tells her “uncles” that she will be staying in town with a friend. After Mary Jane leaves, Susan and Joanna question Huck about where Mary Jane went. The next day, at the auction, a mob comes and two of the ment claim to be the real Harvey and William Wilks. In chapters 27 and 28, Huck shows that he is becoming more and more moral. When he blurts out about the slaves, he told the truth and normally he lies about things like that. (Sparknotes…show more content…
In chapter 29, the real Harvey Wilks explains why it took them so long to get there. Dr. Robinson the frauds and the real brothers and bring them together. Everyone is suspicious when the duke and dauphin can’t find the money. The lawyer has them sign their signatures and the real brothers and compare them to letters that have been sent to Peter. They are then arguing about a tattoo that Peter has and they can’t agree on anything so they dig up the body. When they do that, they find the $6,00. Huck thinks this is a good time to escape so he does. He runs to the raft to meet up with Jim, Huck is happy to be leaving. But then he sees the duke and dauphin walking toward them. In chapter 30, the dauphin is very mad at Huck, he tries to kills him. They tell Huck how they escaped when the money was found, but they both think the other hid the money so they are both mad at each other. But they figure it out and go to bed. In chapter 31, all 4 men were traveling for several days, they were trying to get away from where people had heard about the scheme's thats the duke and dauphin were running. Huck, the duke, and the dauphin go ashore and as soon as the duke and dauphin start fighting and Huck makes his escape. As soon as he gets back to the raft, there is a boy that us claiming he recognizes Jim as a runaway slave, and says he will pay $200. The boy tells a story about the man who captured Jim and says the

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