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The book “Running in the family” book is a memoir from Micahael’s youth in Celylon. Purpose of writer The main purpose of Michael Ondaatje is to inform people about his family life. He wanted to tell that how he lived in his life. In his novel “Running in the family (published in 1982)” he describes about his childhood. Instead of relying on archival history, Ondaatje instead uses the oral history of his family to try and reconstruct his father’s tumultuous past. Actually from this we can understand that he describes his personal history and want to tell us that in which circumstances he lived his life. Through his writings he has shown various aspects of life. For example in his novel “In the skin of lion” he depicts the Toronto in 1930s. Like in various chapters of this novel like “Little Seeds, The Bridge, and The Searcher” he clearly describe the life in that days and how the character of his story left his hierarchical profession and so on. In the story “What we think of married life” Michael Ondaatje tells about his childhood when his parents get divorced. He felt the pain of his family and wrote about it because he couldn’t tolerate its pain.…show more content…
In these things Ondaatje try to share his ideas about the life style and nature. His poem “the man with seven toes (1969)” is the example of one of fiction writings. Actually he tries to pull up the memories of the past to understand the

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