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Every so often we see a movie, which is effectively able to combine many stories of diverse people in such a logical and solid way, directing to some of the most powerful problems in society. Crash is a great movie that can strike your soul. Set in the background of the international city Los Angeles, Crash tells the intertwining stories of whites, blacks, Latinos, Koreans, Iranians, cops and lawbreakers, the controlling and defenseless and etc. Those people appear completely unrelated. However, just as the lines in the movie state, we crash into each other, which is an unavoidable thing. In a flashback, the director takes his audience to the day before the crash accident. Different people encounter unlike things, yet all leads to one outcome: the buildup of anger and the false assumption of the people standing before us. Their attitudes are affected by others’ illegal or unfair actions, and they degrade or bully the next individuals they meet, just to release their anger. In a sense, one thing leads to another, and everyone begins to feel anxious in this multinational society.…show more content…
In this society, we are used to looking at people with a stereotype in mind, presuming what kind of person he should be, without talking or contacting him. It seems that we always have some biases that black people are violent and tend to be criminals; Asian people are poor and uneducated; white people always feel superior to other races and discriminate them; the white-collar people are somehow more distinguished to the laborers. This kind of stereotype is what we usually get from movies, TV series, and books. Yet when it comes to a specific person, things can be very different, even the opposite. The truth is, sometimes we consider ourselves in a stereotypical way, and we feel as if others tend to interrupt us. So, in return we act in a hostile way, and in the end contribute to the stereotype

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