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Young love story is always interesting to be remembered. Do you have a moment in adolescence when your feelings about romance turn on a dime? The girl you think is a nuisance changes into someone you admire. The boy you love for years begins to seem like a pest. Sometimes you can look back half a lifetime and see how things might have happened differently if you had not been so stupid. Rob Reiner's "Flipped" does the looking. Based on the novel by Wendelin Van Draanen, "Flipped" is the story of two teenagers, Juli Baker (Madeline Carroll) and Bryce Loski (Callan McAuliffe), growing up in late-1950s suburbia. They meet as second-graders, when Bryce and his family move to the neighborhood across the street from Juli. Thus, through this essay I will elaborate my review of this movie which focuses on several aspects including story line, the casts, setting, and the quality of…show more content…
This movie is a lovely movie about a girl namely Juli Baker who has adored a boy namely Bryce since he moves to the neighborhood in the second grade. Juli has had a crush on Bryce for years, imagining that he feels the same way about her despite the fact that he almost completely ignores her. One day, a problem comes up until Juli finally decides to forget Bryce – just as he finally starts to have feelings for her. So, they flip and start running in the other direction. I like the way the director makes the story line as this style is very unique. Each character tells the story in voice-over narration. This he said-she said staging technique reminds the viewer that there are two sides to every story. "The first day I met Bryce Loski I flipped," she recalls whereas Bryce remembers it differently: "All I ever wanted was for Juli Baker to leave me alone." This is supported by Eger (2010) who says that this movie has an unusual approach but very effective for showing the audience especially the young how every people can perceive the same events quite

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