Housewife No Longer A Dirty Word Analysis

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Michael Taggart Dr. Euridge ENC 1102 10:05 AM September 17, 2014 Words:1,221 The Housewife: How to Live a Happy Life Summary: In “Housewife no Longer a Dirty Word” Lucy Cavendish writes and shows us the different lifestyles of women all over the world and throughout all times in history. Throughout time women have gotten up and walked right out of the door on their stressful jobs to be a happy housewife, to be at home with their children, to be able to have food on the table and laundry put away when their partner returns home from work. Although there were times where it was frowned upon now it is accepted widely and more and more women are trying it every day and they love it! In the article Cavendish says she never thought she would become…show more content…
Although she played with dollies as a child and made pretend fake cakes in her easy bake oven her mother knew she was educated properly. Her mother and her would talk about women’s issues, they would travel abroad to learn about new types of art history and architecture. As a girl in school she would stick up for what was right even if it was in the classroom she would even correct the teacher if she was wrong and her mother was proud of her even if she had to pick her daughter up from office. Her mother would never accept being a housewife, even though her daughter Lucy would be…show more content…
A lot of people in today’s society look down on housewives saying they should be working or they are a gold digger for staying home and having their husbands pay for everything but I think those people are just jealous of them. I believe that every woman should be able to stay home if they wanted to and never have to work a day in their lives. Men should take full responsibility of their women if you’re going to put a ring on it you better be making the dough to pay for your

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