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He shoots and he scores! Paco Hernandez one of the most famous soccer players of this time. Jorge, or as people like to call him Paco has been dreaming of hearing those words ever since he was a little kid. Watching professional soccer is one of his favorite things to do. Well besides actually playing soccer. Paco is a 16 year old kid from Nooksack high school who has a dream of becoming a professional soccer player. Paco says he got his love for soccer because of his Hispanic family and because all of his friends played it. Paco loves everything about soccer, he loves the fact that there aren't really any plays and he also loves soccer because it is a team sport and he is able to play with all of his friends. Paco's dream of becoming a professional soccer player first started at the age about 10 when his dad took him to his first professional soccer game. "Paco its time to wake up, we are going to see the soccer game!" He will remember those words for the rest of his life because it…show more content…
He will always remember the times where he has the ball and he can hear his mom yelling " go Paco go!" From the side lines. He says that hearing his mom yelling like that gives him motivation to try his hardest weather he is doing good or not he can always count on his mom to be there for him. He says that one of his favorite things about soccer is that it is a team sport and also that there aren't really any plays its just a sport where anything goes. Paco likes to say that soccer will be there for him when no one is, its his get away, his vacation, when ever he plays he gets the feeling that nothing can go wrong and that its just him, the ball, and the goal. He says that whenever something bad is happening to him he can always count on playing soccer to get those bad things off of his head. Paco says that some people do other things to run away from the bad things but he just grabs his ball and

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