Success In Modern Society: The Idea Of Success

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Success is something that people have strived for since the beginning of time. From the early Mesopotamian empires, to the Greeks, Romans, and many other Europeans all the way to even as late as America’s revolution, success is something that is always strived for. Success can also be seen in political groups, like the Democratic political party, and religious groups such as Christianity and Judaism. Though one group sees Success in a slightly different ways than many others, this group being the Transcendentalists. Transcendentalists were a group of people that belonged to a movement in protest to the common idea of intellect and spirituality of the 1820s. The Transcendentalists saw success in more of a personal way involving friends and living lives they like. Though the Transcendentalists saw success this way, the idea of success has changed greatly of time, especially modern society's idea of success. Modern society does not hold the same view of success that Emerson writes about because they care less about feeling satisfied with their lives, having intellectual pure friendships, even though some may say we may know more about the people they are friends with.…show more content…
Due to the fact that we focus on trying to make a living, rather than enjoying time after work. Because of this, people nowadays focus on their job more which has lead people to be more stressed, as such we as a society focus less on relishing life. Another point that shows this is how due to the large amount of people that overworking themselves, due to higher prices necessities like food, than years prior. All of this overworking has lead to problems involving people’s health, due to stress and other issues that arise from how people work nowadays. Because of our need for more wealth, we tend to ignore important parts of ourselves for the sake

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