Essay On Modern Humans

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Modern humans, also known as Homo sapiens, can be dated back as far as 200,000 years. Throughout time, the experiences and evolutions of Homo sapiens led to increased capabilities of early societies. With expert knowledge, these humans became more complex, allowing long-run success of human groups and societies. The development of language, writing, agriculture, shipbuilding, warfare, self-government, and realizing the effects of what we know as pollution in history gave way to the success of human groups and societies. The emergence of language cannot be traced back to a specific time. However, this knowledge instituted the possibilities of endless knowledge and learning. Verbal language also allowed groups of modern humans to function…show more content…
Hunters and gatherers hunted animals and fish, and also gathered nuts, wild berries, and fruit. Revolutions in agriculture began to occur around 9000 BCE. Expert knowledge led to the development of agricultural tools and the domestication of grasses and animals, which was a major long-run success for this human group and also for humans today. For example, when the modern humans developed the cognizance of grains lasting longer and being larger than others, they began to save seeds for the next planting cycle to continually produce larger crops. The knowledge of the domestication of animals also reduced the workload for humans. Llamas, which were used to carry heavy loads, did not have adequate patience and cooperation. However, the domestication of horses not only provided an adequate way to carry heavy loads, but it also provided other opportunities. With expert knowledge, horses began to be used to herd cattle and sheep. They were also eventually harnessed to chariots, which was a success in warfare, processions, and races. As Anthony stated, “eventually people who rode horses and herded cattle and sheep acquired the wheel, and were then able to follow their herds almost anywhere, using heavy wagons to carry their tents and
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