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How many of you know about the civil war going on in Syria? The purpose of my speech here is to inform you about what’s happening in Syria right now and what the reasons for this war are. Not very long ago, Syria used to be this beautiful country, where people from all over the world went to visit. Syria used to have this beautiful Islamic Architecture and was one of the countries that combined the modern and old art in one place. My father went to Syria in 2008 and he amazed by the beauty of this country and the kindness of its people. He promised me and my family that we’ll go there someday. But that day never came. So here’s how it all began. The violence in Syria began in March 2011 and the Middle Eastern country has been crippled by a…show more content…
Locals took to the streets to protest after 15 schoolchildren were arrested - and reportedly tortured - for writing anti-government graffiti on a wall. The protests were peaceful to begin with, calling for the release of the children, democracy and greater freedom for people in the country. At first the protesters just wanted democracy and greater freedom. But after that the government responded angrily on the protest, even killed four people. That’s when the Syrians started to protest against the acts of the government. They demanded the Syrian president Bashar Al Assad to step down, which he refused to do. After that the situation has become even worse. The president offered to change some things about the way the country was run, but the protesters didn't believe him. Ever since then, a civil war started in Syria, where more than a quarter of a million have been killed. Till now it is not very clear who is killing who. All we know is that there are rebels against the president and there are people who support him. An opposing army to the regime has been built. This army is fighting against Al Assad and his military force. This fight has of course has claimed the lives of thousands of people. The war is now more than just

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