Guns Germs And Steel Summary

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Everything in nature is either a cause aimed at you, or the consequence made by you”, renaissance scholar Marsilio Ficino once said. Originally called physis in ancient Greece, Nature is the phenomena of the physical world occurring around us. With a front-row seat to viewing numerous transformations to the world and human society, mankind has openly expressed curiosity in understanding the significance of nature’s influence on the course of history. Jared Diamond, the author of Guns, Germs and Steel, explains how the societies of Eurasia dominated and influenced the world we live in today, and how geography played a major role in this result. Diamond introduces Yali, a Papua New Guinean tribe chief, and his question : “Why is that you white people…show more content…
Eurasia held vast amounts of fertile lands and domesticated animals. The major result of this advantage in agriculture was an abundance in consistent food production that led to socio-economic stability, population expansion, and specialization, which was fundamentally supported by an exponential technological growth. With the development of new technologies, people had the opportunity to expand in new fields like the military force, a factor that had a major impact on the output of society. This military advantage led Europe to numerous conquests over other societies, like Pizarro’s infamous conquest of the Incan people. With this striking analysis, Diamond’s claims captivates me, due to his thought-provoking assertion of the influence on natural factors on the development of modern society. Oftentimes, agriculture is dismissed as a factor in successful conquests and sociocultural development, but Diamond argues its importance and influence. Thus, based on his various contentions for the significance of agriculture, Diamond offers valuable arguments that add to both his credibility and

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