Rome: What Makes An Empire Really Great?

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What makes an empire great? Is it there fierce fighting to gain territory? Their ruling style, whether it be democratic or a dictatorship? Does an empires cultural and societal standing make it a great empire? Or does it simply boil down to how an empire takes care of its people? An argument could be made for any of these points. Or you could simply say all of these points together make up an empire. We have the advantage to look back in history and be judgmental about how an empire was created, how the government was ran, and how they ultimately lost power either to being toppled or having reform. What makes an empire great is such a broad question, I think explaining every aspect of why some empires succeeded and some failed could…show more content…
The Romans did their best to take care of their citizens with fresh water via the aqueduct. “The running water, indoor plumbing and sewer system carrying away disease from the population within the Empire wasn't surpassed in capability until very modern times” (“Roman Aqueducts”). This engineering feat provided citizens of the Roman Empire with the opportunity to live healthy, by being able to fight of diseases. Another great engineering feat for the Roman infrastructure was their vast road network. We all have head, “All roads led to Rome,” this was the original design for the roads in the Roman Empire. Originally designed for military use to protect the city of Rome and to have a direct connection to all the territories of the empire. These roads ultimately lead to Rome being, “the hub of commerce, trade, politics, culture and military might in the Mediterranean” (“Roman Aqueducts”). This in turn made Rome into a premier trading economic center in the known world at the…show more content…
Looking at the ancient Greek Empire, there were many great thinkers and philosophers. You do not give Greece the title of “the birthplace of democracy” for nothing. To me ancient Greece was the standard when it came to having a sophisticated society and culture. Especially the city of Athens, or Athenai in ancient Greece, so many great ideas were born here. The Olympics first was thought of here, the games of showing athletic might and skill. One of the most important ideas was also born here, democracy. “Philosophers Socrates, Plato and Aristotle were expanding the realms of knowledge and reason” (Williams). During this time civil unrest was abound due to only a select few that were running the government. “Athens was ruled by an aristocracy called the Eupatridae, or well-born” (Williams). A statesman named Salon, who read the great writings of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, was appointed to draft a constitution. What Salon did was break up large estates and make slavery not a punishment for debt. This in turn made Greece very wealthy. Without the great thinkers, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, it is hard to say if democracy would have even been born. One could argue that eventually it would have been born but that is debatable. Without having literacy or an education people can be easily controlled into believing what their government is telling them to

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