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Studying abroad will be an important period of my life. It will consist of plenty of exposure, experience and personal development. I know it will have a deep effect on me and my career and I will experience various cultures and people that will shape my thoughts. I know it is easy to read about particular cultures in books or in movies, but it does not compare to the provoked feelings when you are exposed to another culture. I want to break from cultural norms and experience what it's like to live in another country. I want to interact with people from Spain since this culture influenced my ancestors.One goal is becoming more independent and reflect on what it means to be who I am. I would like to Leave my home in college station behind and experience a new world outside the one familiar with and I might begin to view myself and my culture in a new light.…show more content…
I grew up in the united states and most of my family grew up in Mexico. I always become aware of the differences of each country like how narrow the dirt roads are in Mexico,how people form a living and how difficult it is to put some food on the table. When exposed to all these differences I come back home to the united states with a different perspective of life. I have always appreciated my education because in other countries like Mexico it is a privilege to obtain an education. My mother did not have a choice to continue her education.She was just able to reach the 1st grade before her father told her she needed to start working to help feed her little brothers. My mother went around cow fields to pick up poop to sell to the surrounding villages to use for various purposes rather than becoming an educated

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