Student Debt In Texas

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According to the U.S. census Bureau, Texans with a college degree earn about twice as much money as citizens with only high school diplomas(Javine). Getting a college degree is a basic necessity to find a good job in today’s society, which is why it is a problem that getting a college degree is becoming so expensive. The cost of college in Texas is increasing along with student debt among Texans.Student loan debt is approximately $1.2 trillion in the U.S. right now. Student debt is a form of debt that is owed by an attending, withdrawn or graduated student to a lending institution. There are three different routes students can take in order to lower their debt after college including grants,scholarships and community college. Texas graduate’s…show more content…
Community college tuition and fees are very affordable and cheap.No matter which college you attend or your intended major, the first two years will be mainly composed of the same set of classes. For example, every freshman and sophomore has to take English 101, a biology class, and a college math class. Since these classes are virtually the same at every college, including your local community or junior college, it is wise to complete these requisites at community college. In fall 2013, 36 percent of all Texas public college and university graduates had completed 30 or more semester hours at a two-year college before transferring. Another 40 percent had completed between one and 29 hours at a two-year college(Grant). Considering that the average annual cost at a two-year college is $2,963, according to CollegeBoard and assuming you complete 60 units, or two years, of required classes at a community college, you will save $12,000 to $66,000 compared to the same education at a state or private school. Furthermore, an additional benefit is if you aspire to attend a prestigious private university, but were not accepted out of high school, attending a community college may help. Not only are you given the second chance to achieve a stellar transcript, but you also have a better chance to be accepted as a junior rather than as…show more content…
To qualify for financial aid, you have to apply. There are two forms of financial aid that can help prevent a student from drowning in debt. Scholarships and grants are both “gift aid” because they don't need to be payed back. Grants come from federal and state governments and from colleges. Most grants are need based, which means they are usually given based on your or your family’s financial circumstances. Scholarships come from governments, colleges and private organizations. They may be awarded for academic or athletic ability, interest in a certain subject, or volunteer work, for example. Some scholarships are given based on membership in an ethnic or religious group. Companies may also give scholarships to children of

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