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Introduction: Footballs for Friends (FFF) is owned and operated by partners Brandon and Jessica Snider and began in early 2013. The small business currently operates from its home based location in Apple Valley, California. All footballs are created start to finish at this location. FFF has been staying busy with custom orders for footballs from the youth since the local league begins next month. Early autumn is typically the busiest time of the year for FFF and primarily through word of mouth marketing and its social media presence has become the high desert’s number one private football retailer. FFF sells their product for $50.00 per football and is competitively priced. FFF also offers custom lettering and numbers printed on the football for no additional charge. Direct material:…show more content…
These materials are: polyurethane covered synthetic leather and cloth cover, latex rubber air bladder, air valve, stitching, latex adhesive, and paint. Each football uses about half of a square yard of the polyurethane covered synthetic leather/cloth, with one yard costing $3.00 (1/2 = $1.50). Each football uses one air valve which costs $7.50. Around 5 ounces of latex rubber is needed for the air bladder. 5 ounces of latex rubber costs around $4.10. Each football requires around nine yards of stitching at $0.11 per yard totaling $0.99 per football. Each four layered panel requires 0.25 ounces of latex adhesive (32 panels x 0.25 ounce = 8 ounces). 32 ounces (quart) cost $46.00 converting to $1.43 per ounce, so $1.43 x 8 = $11.44 worth of latex adhesive is needed per football. At most, 2 ounces of paint is used on each football. 360 ounces of paint costs $135.00. Each ounce cost around $0.38, so $0.38 x 2 ounces = $0.76 of paint per football. The total direct material cost equals

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