How Does Elphaba Seem To Run Away From Her Name To Glinda

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Alexei Cantrell English Literature 12 Ms. Garcia January 8, 2015 SSR Report A long time ago in a distance place and land by the name of Oz, a young girl with a green tone skin was born to a minister that was a part of a union. Elphaba grows up in her young years with her mother Melena who is an alcoholic. Elphaba did not always have it easy, because she was made to be an outcast, due to her green colored skin. While the book progresses, Melena has two more kids by the names of Nessarose and Shell; A girl and boy respectively. As Elphaba gets older, she goes to a university by the name of Shiz. There she meets a girl by the name of Galinda, who we find out later that she is the witch of the north and changes her name to Glinda. As the book…show more content…
There is no escape from one’s problems in life or mistakes they have made. The quote is pretty much saying; you can run, but not hide, which is nearly almost always true. This is important, because Elphaba can’t seem to run away from her problems The third and final quote from the book is, “I am a forgettable leaf on a tree.” When Elphaba says this, she truly means it. No one really seems to care about her except for maybe a few people. She is like the dust in the air, or a feather in the wind to most people; meaningless, even from the time she was a young kid. All in all, I think the book is good and that should be read by people. It shows how misunderstood a person can be. It also shows Elphabas side of the story to the wizard of oz. It actually opens up people’s eyes towards the so called, “wicked witch of the west” and how she isn’t really all that bad. In reality it seems like it shows that Elphaba has been a tortured soul all her life, since the time of her birth beginning with the color of her skin. It basically shows that she is just a black sheep that was casted out from the herd in many senses. A quote unquote, “wicked witch”, with only good intentions. All in all, the book was good and is a good read for anyone that wants to read about

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