Importance Of Civil Engineering

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CIVIL ENGINEERING Civil engineering is the second oldest branch of engineering after military engineering; civil engineering is nothing but an art to do any design of an object or known as planning, or construction or maintenance in a safe, economical and easy way. So that we can minimize durability, cost and other factors of our object. There is a wide range and their applications by which civil engineering dealing with. Following are the main branches of civil engineering:- 1. Structural engineering 2. Transportation engineering 3. Geotechnical engineering 4. Construction engineering 5. Water resources engineering 6. Public health engineering 7. Environmental engineering 8. Earthquake engineering 9. Materials science and engineering 10. Surveying…show more content…
So first of all we check for safety measures of our project. Means our project is safe at the time of its construction and after the construction during its use full life. If our project is safe than only we go for next level of work. Otherwise project fails at this level. Suppose I have to construct a factory, so I have to get permissions to built as per regulations of that proposed area for some factors like greenery measures, various pollution controls like air pollution, sound pollution etc., water consumption or rate of water consumption, fuel consumptions or first-aid medical facilities for any harm at the time of accident etc. there is different regulatory act was adopted by different countries as per the conditions of their current requirements. Civil engineers have to deal with the safety of project. Safety of project includes safety of workers work for the project, safety of users using after the completion of work and total climate factors effecting by the project. Safety is a major point of consideration this can't be ignored, if a civil engineer ignore the safety factors than it may be very harmful to his/her life as well as for others. Any loss may be occurred if we ignore safety even…show more content…
Now we see strength. Strength of structure calculated by its projected maximum number of user and some factor of safety with in its design ones a civil engineer gets strength requirement, now he/she have to work for selection of materials and design we know a structure fails if more load is applying to them to the for succeed of project our project have to work with in limits of its strength. Strength may be in terms of load, pressure, contamination of a substance etc. Strength is also an important parameter for a project by which a civil engineer dealing

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