Dental Caries Case Study

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Abstract: Background: Recent studies have implicated a direct relation between total antioxidant status of unstimulated saliva and dental caries, which can pave way in understanding the susceptibility of individuals for dental caries. Aim: To evaluate the Total Antioxidant Level (TAL) in unstimulated saliva of children, and to correlate the TAL with caries experience and periodontal health. Design: A total of 60 children, in the age group of 6-12 yrs, were included in the study. Children were divided into two groups (study group, n=30 and a control group, n=30), each group was sub-divided into two groups one of male (n=15) and other one female (n=15). Control group (n=30) included no dental caries (decayed teeth=0) and study group (n=30) having…show more content…
[6] Antioxidant system present in all biological species, helps in mediating the balance and neutralizing the harmful effect of the free radial and ROS. Thus, pathological diseases can be prevented mainly by the dietary antioxidant, intercellular antioxidants and enzymes of the antioxidant system. [8] Activity of free radical / ROS is regulated by antioxidant system. Antioxidants counteract free radicals (FR) / ROS and balance the chain reaction by terminating it. The activity of antioxidants is a concert effect rather than individual. It might be misleading to investigate and evaluate individual antioxidant. [9] Hence, evaluation of total antioxidant level (TAL) in saliva can pave way in understanding the risk of individuals to dental caries. Material and…show more content…
Animal experiments have shown improvement in periodontal status with vitamin C (antioxidant) treatment [12]. However, the role of oxidative stress in causation of caries is unclear. It has been stated that caries risk is related to antioxidant status of saliva in children [8]. There is no literature found related to oxidative stress markers in saliva on causative direction to dental caries. Dental caries is multifactorial, so it can be said that imbalance between antioxidant system and free radical can modulate the caries risk in individual.

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