New Belgium Brewing Swot Analysis Paper

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Jennifer Vervier, Director of Sustainability and Strategic Development, and Josh Holstrom, Director of Strategic Marketing and Branding, likely developed a SWOT Analysis for New Belgium Brewing Company at some point in their careers (New, 2015). What is a SWOT Analysis? Uniquely, a SWOT analysis is the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats used to analyze marketing data and other information of a selected organization (Bethel, 2015). Further, strengths and weaknesses are based solely on the internal dimensions such as: financials, personnel, facilities, communication, customer service, and other related criteria (Ferrell, 2011). Likewise, opportunities and threats identify external dimensions related to the organization such as: competition, economic conditions, technology and regulations (Ferrell, 2011). Ideally, the…show more content…
In order to better leverage their competitive advantage, New Belgium must take their threats seriously and develop strategic plans to overcome. Comparatively, the list is small, but the threats are real and can impact their operations swiftly if not managed. Hence, the threats are: Inability to add more advertising and marketing like competitors due to costs (Schultz, 2014); Craft beers on 11% of total beer market, Craft breweries have grown by 19.4%, and Senate Bill 138 removes the production limit for brewery-public house licensee selling malt beverages, produced by licensee at wholesale, to other licensees of Oregon Liquor Control Commission. (Brewers,

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