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UNIVERSITY OF SANTO TOMAS COLLEGE OF COMMERCE & BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Entrepreneurship Department Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirements in BUSPLAN 2 By: Chua, Ma. Patricia Anne M. Dy Yaco, Janelle Anne C. PASTASINA 3-TE4 2nd Semester, AY 2015-2016 MARKETING PLAN STRATEGIC RETAIL PLAN I. Mission II. Situation Audit A. Market Factors i. Growth ii. Business Cycles B. Competitive Factors i. Barriers to entry ii. Bargaining power of vendor iii. Competitive Rivalry C. Environmental Factors i. Technology ii. Economic iii. Regulatory iv. Social D. Analysis of strengths and weaknesses i. Managerial capabilities ii. Financial Resource iii. Location iv. Operations v. Store Management vi. Customer loyalty III. Strategic Opportunities…show more content…
Develop a Retail Mix to implement the strategy 1. Product - High Quality food products that would be cooked on the spot - Wide range of food products such as pasta, chicken, burgers, nachos, sandwiches and fries 2. People PASTASINA targets college student ages 15-24. There would be a high customer service because the customers are given the chance to customize their own pasta. With that experience PASTASINA can build up their customer relationship. 3. Promotion PASTASINA will use marketing strategy like advertising. For advertising, they would make use of flyers, tarpaulins, and other print ads. They would also make use of social media as a form of advertisement so that they would be able to communicate at a broad areas. PASTASINA would also offer discount and other promos to those customers who often buy/eat at their store. 4. Place PASTASINA would locate their restaurant at Manila City, specifically Mendiola. They consider themselves as food retailers. They do not have any direct supplier since they would buy the materials at various groceries and stores. They positioned themselves at a convenient area for students and there is also a large traffic skim at that said area. 5.

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