Strengths And Weaknesses Of The UN

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c. Fund/ Resources. Fund for UN, its agencies and its peacekeeping operations come from the member states. Each country provides annual subscription for the UN in a scaling rate as per the country profile. If member states are willing to contribute then UN has the capability to pour in required amount armament, logistics and fund for any mission. d. International Support. UN enjoys unanimous international support for its activities in peacekeeping. Its intergovernmental character allows decisions making in UN by the member states. “The UN gives a voice to all member states, large and small, and provides a forum for their voices to be heard on a wide range of concerns”. As such it is obvious that decisions made in UN are backed by the member…show more content…
UN failure in “Rwanda, Somalia, Bosnia and now Darfur (Sudan)” demonstrates its weaknesses as an organization. Some of the important weaknesses are discussed…show more content…
Organizational Bureaucracy. UN is an organization of various independent states. As such, any decision within UN has to be approved by its member states in General Assembly (GA) or Security Council (SC). Such arrangement in UN makes its decision making a tortuous and inflexible process. Member states naturally take decisions keeping their own interest at the fore front. Possible unintended consequences, the risk of endangering own troops and resources, and international politics often preclude correct and timely decision by member states. This is truer in case of the five permanent members of SC with Veto power. They sometimes misuse UN platform for own interests and try to make UN the scapegoat. Griffin suggests that the greatest bottleneck of any UN response against armed groups is the bureaucracy of SC. Past incidents in Somalia (1993) and Rwanda (1995) clearly demonstrates that UN failed to take necessary step to engage the armed group due to such decisional

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