Physical Strengths And Weaknesses

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PERSONAL FITNESS PROGRAM For the past 7-weeks we’ve been taking LABS to identify our physical strengths and weaknesses. In the Muscular Strength lab my hand grip score was FAIR, 32 lbs. My score wasn’t higher than everyone else’s, but I’m still proud at least I got a fair score unlike the usual ‘Poor’ or ‘Needs Improvement’. For my Muscular Endurance lab I could only perform 43 bench umps and 16 push-ups in one minute. My fitness category was fair (again), I understand my scores are low because I don’t participate in daily physical activity, yet it’s something I’m steadily improving. Nowadays I have no leisure time, it is either school work or running errands for the house. Since I am creating a personal fitness program I’ll make sure it…show more content…
I walk at least 30 minutes per week as long as it’s physical activity I am okay with it. Some of the barriers that prevent me from exercising are: not allowed to go out by myself, parents too busy at work to transport me to gyms, too much responsibility for younger siblings and overloaded school work. The reasons I don’t exercise the way I’m supposed to be that my day-to-day schedule is wrapped around my school work. On weekends I am in my room all-day doing home-work, preparing for tests, projects or studying. In so to keep up I study on a daily basis as a result, I have no time to exercise whatsoever. The first year of high school is the hardest year I am positive that as I get older I’ll be able to balance studying and other activities. I am willing to improve by wake up early and jog miles, stretch and to replace leisure time exercising. My new fitness goals are to perform extra physical activities for at least 30 minutes daily, e.g. walking a 1 mile after school every day throughout the rest of the year. Being able to do 20 push-ups in a minute, but currently I can do less than 15 yet I am assured after the fitness program I would improve significantly. Eating less fatty foods like fries, burgers, beef etc. I will stick to my fruit/ vegetable diet, which means every meal would have either fruits or veggies. And to forget to drink at least 8 cups of water a day for my four years of high school. I will create a healthy nutrition

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