Censorship In Creative Arts Essay

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Abstract: The present paper analyses the impact of censorship on creative arts, especially, literature. Censorship of creative arts dates back to Plato who insisted on the ‘exile of poets’. Here is made an attempt to show how today’s ‘Platos’ have been attacking severely some books and other creative arts (for instance, the paintings of M. F. Hussain) for being “Satanic”, “anti-family”, “anti-Hindu”, “anti-Christian” and “anti- Islamic”. Such acts of censorship which is controlled by a small group or organization or government are as threatening to liberty of thought and expression as any anti-social or anti-national activities. Further, this paper convinces the urgent need of voice of unity (of creative writers) against the narrow minded, curtailing power of such elements of censorship. For this purpose some selected works of Mahasweta Devi and Bama are considered. Both the writers raise their voices against such powerful institutions as government and church. If their works were caught in the sharp net of censorship, the agonized voices of tribals and dalits would have become ‘bootless cries’ before ‘deaf heaven’. This paper focuses how these writers…show more content…
Censorship has as old a history as literature does. Though it has attracted the attention of creative world largely these days, its ever dormant existence cannot be denied. Many ingenious creations have been targeted by the so called orthodox and religious ideologies by labeling such creations as “anti-Christian”, “anti-Islam”, “anti-Hindu”, “Satanic” and what not. These narrow and fundamentalist minded groups use common people’s feelings, sentiments and emotions to their agenda of heaping attack on such liberal creations by telling—many a time deliberately—‘hurt the sentiments of people’ or ‘against a particular religion’s belief or values’. Even some times one cannot deny hidden political agenda in such censoring

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