Suzy Strengths And Weaknesses

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After reading the case I was able to pull out several strengths that Suzy possesses. One of these strengths includes her intelligence regarding her mental health needs. Suzy seems very knowledgeable about her mental health diagnosis and has been consistently working with someone in order to manage her mental health in an effective way. Suzy took the initiative to research the impact her antidepressant medication would have on her pregnancy and make an informed decision regarding the medication. In addition, Suzy was also able to acknowledge when her depression symptoms were coming back and eventually go seek help. Another strength Suzy has is her husband. Suzy’s husband has been supportive of her throughout their relationship. He helped when Suzy first had Brandon and enabled her to quit her job and stay at home fulltime. Furthermore, David also seems to be quite supportive of Suzy after the assault; although, he seems to be carrying around some guilt associated with not being able to protect Suzy. Furthermore, I did not assess any spiritual needs or strengths for Suzy. Suzy needs assistance in order to effectively deal with her depression which predated the Acute Stress Disorder. Furthermore, Suzy is going to…show more content…
Although Suzy does not describe the presence of suicidal ideations she has a history of experiencing suicidal ideations; therefore, that is the first thing I would assess for. Next, I would want to address Suzy’s alcohol abuse. According toGarnier, Arria, Caldeira and Vincent (2009) “both [refer to alcohol and prescription analgesic] are central nervous system depressants” (pg. 334). Therefore, Suzy’s alcohol abuse is not helping her depression or the depression symptoms she may be experiencing as a result of the Acute Stress Disorder. In reality, the alcohol abuse may be adding to it; therefore, treating the alcohol use would be my second goal when working with

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