Quality Improvement In Health Organization

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Improvement on Health Organization. The primary goal of the Six Sigma method in the health sector is to improve revenue collection, improve collaboration and reduce costs. All these can be achieved through, reducing the number of errors on patients’ records, delivery services or prescriptions, not forgetting areas commonly overlooked such as leadership and culture. The recent harsh economic recession acted as the wake-up call for major players in the healthcare industry to come up with ways to reduce wastage and be more efficient at the same time. An action plan that is based on data and facts, not just solid opinions. However, it is always important to remember to put the patient in the middle of these plans which makes six sigma a patient-centred…show more content…
Quality, on the other hand, plays an important role in the patients’ choice of a health care provider, the choice is largely influenced by the level of satisfaction they receive while in these health facilities. An illustration of how to use the Six Sigma DMAIC approach to gauge customer satisfaction is explained below. Six Sigma DMAIC Quality Improvement Model The Six Sigma DMAIC Quality Improvement Model follow steps the following steps that are explained below: • Define – the step tries to identify who the clients are, what they need, the process and the capabilities and provides goals for project-based improvement efforts. For instance, improve patient satisfaction, reduce average patient waiting time • Measure – the steps measures and evaluates the characteristics that indicate improvement in customer satisfaction and provides metrics of data that the improvement will be based on. For instance, the hospital should come up with a quantifiable Lower and Upper Control limits the average level of performance indicator of patient satisfaction against which performance can be measured • Analyze – the step analyses the data collected by applying analytical tools like process flow diagram, fishbone diagram, and modifications necessary to achieving customer satisfaction and performance…show more content…
According to (McCormack, 2004), the concept of PCC (patient-centred care) has become popular in the recent past, to an extent that it has exerted considerable influence on medical practitioners, academics, and policymakers. He asserts that the core components of PCC nursing are: • Relationship – how a nurse relates to the patients is crucial for the success of Patient-Centred Care. • Social world – this is the ability by the healthcare organizations to create a caring environment that would be suitable for the patients’ recovery. • Place – the evaluation of the environment and come up with the best way, to ensure that it provides a Patient- Centred care effectively. It could touch on things like decision-making, staff relationships, risk taking, etc. • Self – under this, respect for personal value is the key to patient-centred

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