Difference Between Power And Hegemony

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1. What are the main differences and similarities between an international order based on balance of power and one based on hegemony? In particular, what´s the difference between a peace based on equilibrium and one based on hegemony? Draw your answers on historical and relevant readings. First of all it is necessary to distinguish between twe two core ordering principles which have occured throughout time and played an important role in shaping world order – balance of power and hegemony. There is no concept in history of international relations that would be more discussed than balance of power. Drawing from Schroeder´s article we can understand balance of power as a “system in which the power possessed and exercised by states within the system is checked and balanced by the power of others.” But how does the system have to look like to be seemed as a proper balance of powers? The basic requirements are flexibility of the alliance, the existence of at least two or more actors that are of relatively equal power, all states´ desire to to survive and maintain their own indepedence and of course the possibility to use force. For the system to achieve its goals – no matter if it is peace, stability or independence, countervailing balance must be simple preserved. It is Great Powers that play crucial role in balance of power systems as they counterbalance the hegemonic power whichever it is, they can do so in strategically formed…show more content…
He concretely recognizes 1.0 assosiated with US president Woodrow Wilson and his idealism, 2.0 which is the Cold War liberal internationalism of post 1945 decade and 3.0 which is post-hegemonic liberal internationalism that only occured partially. Some scholars though recognize some more stages of lbieral order – I will briefly mention

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