Stop Homelessness In America

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Do you ever wonder how we can stop homelessness in our community? In the last few years, millions who are now homeless lost their homes. People who are homeless are mostly unable to have and maintain things that's needed today such as Safety, Adequate Housing, Food, and Proper Personal Hygiene. "Because of the lack of research with this population, awareness of their needs is inadequate"(McBride). Homeless people in America should be given access to regularly Food Donations, Camping Facilities/Shelter, and also Medical Attention. Then it would improve life for many communities around the world. The number of hungry and homeless people are growing, and the hunger problem is likely to get worse each year that passes by. Many Countries expect the need for…show more content…
One of the common myths about Homeless and hunger is Food Stamps, food stamps are easily accessible to people that are homeless and many homeless people take advantage of theseFood Stamps. More than half of the homeless population doesn't get any food stamps. Barriers that prevent the homeless from receiving food stamps is the lack of transportation, lack of knowledge about these food stamps, mental illness, lack of an address, and lack of documentation, and also past criminal offenses. "Many people have a negative view of the homeless, believing they are mostly drug users or criminals"(McBride) Now a days, people are afraid to go near or even have a conversation with the homeless because they think Homeless people who have past criminal offenses are less likely to be helped out because most people think that since they were a criminal, they still are a criminal. Most Homeless people today are homeless because they lost their homes or they don't have a stable home(Quigley). They most likely lost their homes because of unaffordable rent. Most homeless people do go to the homeless shelter, but are turned down because there isn't

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