The Great Gatsby Comparison Essay

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Gatsby Vs. Gatsby The book and the movie have many things in common but they also have many things that are different. They both have the same theme obviously otherwise they wouldn’t have the same name. They also have the same characters in both but some of the characters are different in the movie than portrayed in the book although they have the same name. Another thing to compare is that some scenes are different in the movie than they were described in the book. Taking all of these comparisons into consideration, the 2013 film The Great Gatsby does a pretty good job at showing the 1925 book also titled The Great Gatsby. Both the 2013 film and the book take place in a town called West Egg, Long Island. Both the book and the film describe a peaceful town in which the rich live. Gatsby’s house is as big as the book…show more content…
Daisy promises to set them up, and later at Gatsby’s we see Jordan taken away from Nick by another man which doesn’t happen in the book. In the novel, the two become a couple and then they break up near the end of the summer but that is not shown in the movie. Another scene that was altered was the party in the apartment that Tom keeps for his affairs. Nick attends the party and the film shows Nick sitting quietly in the apartment’s living room while the adulterous couple, Tom and Myrtle, have loud sex in the bedroom. The book doesn’t spell out anything so explicit but something like that is implied. The movie also shows Myrtle’s sister Catherine giving Nick a pill that she says she got from a doctor in Queens; that’s not in the novel at all. Then Nick wakes up at home, half-dressed, unsure how he got there, while in the book, Nick comes to in an apartment downstairs from Tom and Myrtle’s place, owned by one of their friends and then he goes to Penn Station to take the 4 o’clock train

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