Ancient Roman Food

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Ancient Rome can be considered a place with great contrasts. To talk about their daily life I am going to start with all the different foods that they had and how they got it. What they ate all depended on if they were wealthy or poor. For example the rich had kitchens, but the poor had small grills, so that gave them less variety. For the poor, fast food was a good choice, sometimes even the rich bought that. Their main foods in Ancient Rome were bread, beans, spices, vegetables, cheese, and meats. Some of their drinks were water, hot water with herbs and honey, and wine. Markets in Rome offered a huge variety of foods that were affordable. The rich did get a bigger advantage for foods because they could afford more than the poor. Clothing:…show more content…
Ancient Roman women’s clothes were really similar to it’s Greek counterpart. Indoors, they would wear tunics that were based on the Greek chiton. Over the tunic they wore a stola which was a long, straight robe of linen or lightweight wool. They either left it to hang straight or bloused over a belt. The men also wore tunics but, only the workman or the slave showed up in public with it. Roman citizens wore a toga over their tunic. The toga was regarded as the masterpiece of draped garments. The garment had been adopted by the Romans from the Etruscans and was originally worn by both men and women. The color of the toga or its border identified the Roman’s position in society…show more content…
They adopted many Greek gods and other gods from other cultures so that they could create their own group of Roman gods. Since the Romans believed that the gods controlled their daily lives, they wanted to please them. Also at the Roman temples and shrines, people promised and gave offerings to the gods. Sometimes they had special festivals, holidays or holy days were made to honor the gods. Each home had an altar where the families could worship household gods and spirits. The family hearth was sacred to the goddess Vesta. While the family had the main meal of the day, they would throw a small piece of cake into the fireplace as an offering to Vesta. In those times, the Romans could honor the emperors as gods. As the empire grew, new gods were brought by foreigners. All the new religions were welcome as long as they didn’t encourage disloyalty to the

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